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Frequently Asked Questions


1. My original work was rejected for plagiarism. If I decide to use your service, will my work be passed?

Rewrite-Paraphrase:This question is very important. The work we produce is new writing, freshly created through our understanding of your original text. Therefore the document we rewrite consists of our own words and will not contain text copied from any other source.

2. I need the work within 3-5 days for 3000 -5000 words; is it possible?

Rewrite-Paraphrase: Five days would be no problem for 5000 words. For 500-3000 words, you can expect the work to be done within 1-3 days. For longer documents, we can inform you more accurately after checking the file. In all cases we do our best to meet your requirements.

3. I am living overseas. Can I still send you my work?

Rewrite-Paraphrase:Of course. We have many customers overseas, especially Thais, who use our services. Payments can be made easily via PayPal or bank transfer and our completed work  can be submitted to international institutions.

4. Can I send you work at night?

Rewrite-Paraphrase: Our office hours are from 08:00 – 22:00 every day and we check our email frequently. If you send your work during the night, we will respond as soon as possible the following morning.

5. Can you adjust my work to theBritish orAmerican style of English?

Rewrite-Paraphrase:This is not difficult for us at all because we have both British and American editors so we can do both.

6. Can I reduce or increase the number of words?

Rewrite-Paraphrase:You can inform us of the word limit and we will follow your requirements.