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Paraphrasing Service

This service is one of our most frequently requested and our editors are very experienced in handling these jobs. In a paraphrasing job, your original words are rewritten while keeping the content, meaning and overall structure of the document the same. All the work is carried out by professional native English speaking editors, so you can be confident that the finished article will be written in the appropriate academic style and will not contain any errors. This is why so many of the papers we receive, especially academic theses, have resulted in highly successful outcomes for our clients. 


Why do I need to paraphrase my document


The incorporation of other content or ideas in your writing, and passing them off as your own is called plagiarism. Paraphrasing involves describing the meaning of what you have read without directly quoting it. Paraphrasing is used to describe and rewrite previous research without being accused of copying. Paraphrasing is not simply exchanging some words for others with similar meaning. A concise understanding of the topic is required, which is then presented from a different angle with a newly styled structure. Website content can be paraphrased to attract different genres of visitors.


Who can do this for me?


At (paraphrasing services) we have experienced professional academic native English speakers on hand 24/7 to help. Your essay will be paraphrased by an expert who is a specialist in the subject field. The rewritten product will be of a similar length to the original, but it will contain different sentence and paragraph construction.


Some websites offer cheap online paraphrasing services. These either use computers or freelancers who have neither the qualifications nor experience to do this type of detailed work. They may not even speak English as their native language and their results are invariably disastrous.


Our Guarantee


At (paraphrasing services) we guarantee high quality professional services at affordable prices. All our work is checked for plagiarism and proofing errors.


You can return the first draft for revision and alteration as many times as you wish. We guarantee complete satisfaction or a full refund of your money.


Sample Paraphrased Version

Original contents before paraphrasing

The five performance objectives already outlined can be defined in a number of ways. Quality, for example, frequently refers to high specifications. However, it can also imply simply that the product or service is able to perform the function for which it was designed to a high standard (Slack et al., 2011). Sofitel’s quality has its foundation in the personalized services which are delivered by courteous, professional and helpful staff. During a recent audit, the process involved examining a random sample of staff members to check upon their understanding of the hotel’s aims and procedures. The outcome was that every single staff member surveyed met the required standards, which could be attributed to the fact that every staff member had been through the company’s training programmes and understood not only quality, but also the need to focus on quality at all times (Sofitel, 2014). 

Paraphrased version by one of our editors


A number of different definitions can be applied to these five performance objectives. Quality is often defined with reference to superior standards or specifications, yet the term can also be applied to any service or product which meets or surpasses its functional requirements (Slack et al., 2011). The quality for which Sofitel is renowned is based on the personalization of its services and the courtesy and professionalism of the company’s employees. This could be observed during a recent audit in which random staff members were assessed in order to determine the extent to which they understood Sofitel’s aims and procedures. As a result of Sofitel’s policy of ensuring that every member of staff must pass the company’s training programme and understand the requirement to emphasize a continuous focus on quality, not a single employee failed to meet the necessary criteria (Sofitel, 2014). 


Why should you have your work paraphrased by us?

1 Paraphrased by native English speaking editors – Guaranteed for excellent written style with no grammatical errors.  

2 Can be done within limited time – It’s not so hard for native editors to read and understand an English language academic paper. Depending on the exact contents of the document,  we can even handle up to 20 pages within a day.

3 Reasonable prices – In Thailand, many companies offer services similar to ours but use Thai writers. This keeps prices low, but means that finished papers usually still contain language errors and require additional proofreading or editing. Our services are provided by experienced, qualified native English speakers who are able to guarantee work of the highest quality, yet when compared to paraphrasing service providers overseas, our customers will discover that the prices we quote are significantly lower.  

4 The number of words after paraphrasing will be very close to the original version, except in cases where customers ask for the word count to be reduced or increased.

How to Order

Customers who are interested can send a paraphrasing job to us easily by email at Please also let us know the due date, and any additional information we might need so that we can do the work exactly as you want it done. After we receive the file, we will reply as soon as possible to quote the price and the turnaround time. For more information, call (+66) 87-8314785 (mobile).

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